Complete Audio Post-Production for TV and Film


TOTAL RECALL - With ODPs' 64 bit integrated system of all-digital consoles, all motorized faders and tactile updates to any event we can make instantaneous radical changes and replacements to every element of your show in real time, even during the final layover.  

192 fully automated channels.

SIMULTANEOUS FINAL MIXES - Stereo, M+E,  5.1 Surround, stems, DME and discrete tracks are printed in a single pass.     No expensive multiple lay-downs.

SOUND DESIGN - Having owned a complete sound effects company (The Founder’s Editions), our exclusive library of foley, FX, and backgrounds is one of the largest in the industry, dramatically cutting build time.

SIMULTANEOUS POSTING - All spotting, foley tracking, ambiance beds, dialog re-builds, ADR inserts, FX builds, music beds and film scores are created, built, and posted simultaneously.  This allows for an extremely cost-efficient but artistically rewarding completion of your production with no limits.

ORIGINAL MUSIC TO PICTURE --  All known and unknown individual instruments are always in-house and online for immediate access.  Compositions and sound design are synced to picture during the initial creation of every note.  Instrumentation can be instantly changed in moments - even as late as during the final mix.


Meticulous in-studio acoustic treatments result in real-world translatable mixes:

Unlike so many others

what you hear on your mix playback is exactly what the public will hear on air during broadcast.




On Time

On Budget.